Why Is Your Inbound Marketing Delivering Poor Results?

Growing number of companies are diving in to the world of inbound marketing. Still only a few have been able to get their inbound marketing to work as planned. Main reason is not the lack of quality content marketing but poor conversion points that aren’t personal and don’t support the potential customer.

Every visitor has their own personal needs and their visit should be tailored according to those needs. Website visitors can be divided into four categories:

1️⃣those about to buy
2️⃣those comparing their options
3️⃣those searching for more information
4️⃣those who are just hanging around

Website visitors should be treated with the kind of help that supports their individual state in the buying process. You’ve done a great job in attracting that visitor on your site through inbound or content marketing but now you need to convert them too! It’s really easy to create interactive elements these days and they will help visitors surfing the site. When a visitor gets interactive help that matches their thoughts and expectations the site will convert that visitor up to two times more likely. But if there’s no interactive help around the customer will most likely continue to another site.


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