You probably want to know how Leadoo works

Leadoo turns your website content into engaging dialog between the visitor and you. Engaging bots help your visitors to learn more from what you can offer them and also make it easy for the visitor to tell you what their own situation is.

So basically Leadoo works like a good sales person: it listens to the customers needs and then provides help.

Why does this work?

Leadoo is a way to have a conversation with your audience 24/7. Interactivity brings the dynamism and persuasive power of an in-person interaction to your online channels.

Humans simply can’t resist the call to talk about themselves, test themselves, compete, compare and share their opinion. With Leadoo you can personalize website content and that is appealing to visitors.

More and better leads

Your customers are looking for value from your website. With Leadoo you can provide that to your visitors. In return you get more and better leads.

Leadoo works for all kinds of companies. Small companies, mid-sized companies and public companies. It brings value to both B2B and B2C minded companies and Leadoo is also a big help in attracting new talent to your company as bots are brilliant for recruitment purposes.

We strive to help our customers and are here to help

We promise you results and we’ll make sure that happens. We will help you get started right away and Leadoo begins to generate leads within minutes.

Our customer support helps you on the phone and on our website 16/7 and our thorough lift-off service helps you get started as we also provide the first bots for you. Helping you is something what we truly cherish and we promise to help you in all possible ways.

Do you want to play with Leadoo?

You know the basics about Leadoo but there is still probably something you want to know. Try starting a discussion with our bot below and you’ll see how nicely it works!

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