Chatbots are typically used to meet customer needs quickly. People are super busy and impatient so you’ll need to make sure that customers find answers quickly or otherwise you will lose them. Although ChatBots don’t compare to human-provided customer service, it’s a much more cost-effective alternative that serves around the clock.

Customized By Content

Content-specific bots work the best. Leadoo ensures that every ChatBot is designed to answer to visitors needs.

Leadoo provides the same personal and intuitive experience as if a visitor had talked to a real person. Actually visitors don’t care whether they are being helped by a human or a bot – as long as they get the help they need!

Content Specific Triggering Rules

You can easily choose when the ChatBot should pop up – or maybe it won’t pop up at all and you let the visitor to open it?

With Leadoo you can define how and when you want the ChatBots to start a conversation with the visitor. You can configure a ChatBot to launch according to the time spent on a site or to trigger at a specific stage on the site.

Fully Customizable Look

Leadoos ChatBot is totally customizable. You can changeĀ  bot icons, wallpapers, colors, fonts and images.