Why is this important?

Companies spend massive amounts of their marketing budget on attracting traffic to their site but miss on the opportunity to turn those visitors into sales.

Companies providing better customer service on their website by interacting with their visitors eventually make more money.

And that’s the magic Leadoo provides. It helps companies convert more visitors into identified leads and direct online sales.

Why Leadoo?

Instant ROI

Leadoo provides immediate results from day one. You see results right away and your colleagues hail you as the King of Leads.

Integrates 100% into your processes

Leadoo seamlessly integrates into your existing sales process. There’s just one thing you need to change: be prepared for more and better leads!

Easy to use

According to our 200+ customers Leadoo truly is easy to use.

Transparent & simple pricing

At one simple price you will get to create as many bots as you like and have as many users using it as you’d like. It’s all included!

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